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IBM i (AS/400) . . . Technical Project Management . . . Web Environment

IBM i (AS/400)

- RPG ILE, /Free, MVC.

- DB2/SQL Programming Language.

- DDS, DDL, CL, Embedded SQL.

- Sensible Modernization.

- Security Analysis and Planning.

- Modular Application Design.

- IBM i Strategic Planning.

- IBM i Admin and Support.

It use to be that one technology, one language, one platform was enough to see you through anything.

But today there is so much integration that you have to have a broad knowledge of technology.

And that is what SCS can provide you with. Main frame or web our emphasis is not on supporting just one technology but on supporting your business and technical needs, whatever they might be.

Web Oriented Tech

- PHP OO and proceduralcoding.

- DB2 and MySQL Support.

- Web Application Design.

- IBM i and PHP Integration.

- Zend Server and Zend Studio.

- SQL Stored Procedures.

- HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap.

- Java Script.

Some (short) Articles on Technology

(Coming Soon)