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A long time ago, back before people lived in houses and dinosaurs still ruled the earth, one technology, one language, one platform was enough to see you through anything.

But today things are different. Almost everyone is using multiple operating systems and languages. Special packages make certain tasks easier. To succeed today you need a broad and un-biased knowledge of what is going on in the technology world; what things are likely to stick and what are likely to just be passing phases.

And that is what SCS can provide you with. Main frame or web, our emphasis is not on supporting just one technology but on supporting your technology and your business and needs, whatever they might be.

Packaged Services Can Get You Started Right

Education - AWS Overview - $799 - 6 hours.

Education - AWS Details - $999 - 9 hours.

Education - Power BI Intro - $799 - 6 hours.

Workshop - Finding and Delivering Your Message - $1,250 - 12 hours.

Consult - BI Consult - Finding the Sweet Spot - $799 - 6 hours.

Consult - BI Consult - Detailed Evaluation - $1,250 - 12 hours.