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Project Management




Project Management for IT and ERP / Supply Chain

IT - Digital, Infrastructure, App Development

ERP/SC - Audit, Upgrade, Installation, Improvement

Specializing in Agile, Scrum, and, of course, Waterfall

Looking for good Project Management help? Yeah, buddy, the line forms to the right.

You want someone who learns quickly, communicates well (OK, very well), recognizes a bottleneck when they see it and moves quickly to break it open, is strong and yet diplomatic enough to head off unnecessary scope creep or turf wars, and knows the difference between somebody who says they have accomplished something and someone who really has.

And that is what SCS can provide you with. Whether your project is purely technical, business oriented, or some sort of mix (and isn't everything these days) we have what you need.

Packaged Services - A Great Way to Start

Education - Agile vs Waterfall vs WaterScrumFall - $950 - 6 hours.

Education - How to be an Effective Scrum Master - $950 - 6 hours.

Workshop - Incorporating Agile into Your Dev Cycle - $950 - 6 hours.

Consult - Project Review - Before Start - $1850 - 2 days.

Consult - Project Review - During Project = $2995 - 3 days.