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ERP Audits . . . System Enhancements . . . EDI / Bar Code / RFID

- ERP Effectivity Audits

- ERP System Selection.

- Design Enhancements to your existing Business System.

- EDI Set Up and Support.

- Partner Integration Projects.

- Paperwork Reduction Analysis.

- System simplification, removing unnecessary complexity.

- Interfacing Bar Code / RFID with your ERP.

There are two ways to look at your business system; as a skeleton that you build on, or as a straight jacket that prevents you from moving forward.

But the truth is, you can do a lot to improve your system without screwing around with the core elements of it. This requires care but it can be done.

What is it that you want. A check up? Where is your ERP helping and where it is holding you back? A tweak? A complete replacement? No matter what you need, SCS can provide the guidance or manpower to make your business system a strategic advantage.

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