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Business Intelligence - Helping your Computer Help You

Data Science - You've Got the Data, What Does it Mean?

Machine Learning - Minimal Programming, Maximum Data

Deep Learning - SkyNet, Version .0.1.7

Oooh, it's all about Business Intelligence and Operations Management today, isn't it?

And, actually, that makes a lot of sense. If there is one thing we have is data. Lots and lots of data. The problem is, what does it mean? And what do we do with it?

Data Science techniques help us figure out what our data means. It's not as simple as a linear regression anymore. They're K Clusters, Decision Trees, User Based Filtering, Support Vector Machines, etc.

Machine Learning uses tools like Watson to move from creating intelligent systems through programming to creating intelligent systems by letting them learn on their own from the data provided by Data Science.

Deep Learning goes one step farther. It's intent is to mimic the neuron processes in the brain. Specifically, it segregates knowledge at different levels, the way neurons do, and then combines that individual knowledede at the end to give a probability of truth or false.

And SCS can help with all of that, from data analysis through machine training through building complex systems to help with your most pressing business issues.

Packaged Services are a Great Way to Start

Education - Understand Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning - $1050 - 6 hours.

Education - Deep Dive into Machine and Deep Learning - $1050 - 6 hours.

Workshop - Getting Started with Watson - $950 - 6 hours.

Workshop - Getting Started with Power BI - $950 - 6 hours.

Workshop - Advanced Power BI - $1950 - 12 hours.

Consult - Business Review - Overview Review of Possible Uses - $1950 - 2 days.

Consult - Business Review - Detail Review and Planning - 1 Application - $2995 - 3 days.