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Who are we? . . . And why do we think we can help you??

- Personalized Service.

- Broad Knowledge base.

- Broad Experience base.

Let me ask a question. What do you want from a consulting partner?

Cheap rates, eh? Sure, why not. Hey, pass that on to the SAP consultants. Truth is, what you really want is someone who will help you take your business to the next level.

You need someone who understands both sides of the equation; Business and Technology.

And you need someone who has experience in a wide range of industries and platform types.

Although we are small, SCS can provide expert assistance for both your business and your technology, no matter what type of organization you have. We are the perfect alternative to the mid-sized (or larger) accounting and technology firms, providing personalized customer service with a hands on style.

Our business experience runs the gamet of vertical silos; Automotive, Retail, Food and Beverage, Drugs, Medical, Electronics, manufacturing, distribution, and others.

On the technical side we are not only conversant with both main frame and PC environments, but are very familiar with EDI, RFID, bar code, and the other technologies common to the business world today.